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The Sound Cave Project

The Sound Cave Road Show needs your help
to create a new Sound Cave in Lebanon:
Only $1400 left to raise

Sound Cave Video - 2 Minute Introduction from Tyson Ayers

The Sound Cave Road Show is a community supported, mobile interactive art installation / musical instrument, boutique performance venue, and sound healing device that tours to different communities.

If you like innovative art being part of our communities please donate whatever amount feels great to you ($5, $25, $100's+) and invite your friends and family to do the same.

in collaboration,
tyson ayers
Director - Sound Cave Project 425.770.1052

Current Fundraising Goal:
We've been invited to our first international commission to build a new Sound Cave in Lebanon's capital city of Beirut in the Middle East. All art materials, food, and lodging expenses are already covered and we only need to raise $1400 or sufficient frequent flyer miles for the plane tickets over and back.

Please help the project out in this pivotal moment by donating ($5, $10, $25, or $100's+) and spreading the word so your friends and family can do the same.

There are three ways to donate:
1. Direct donations: these become available immediately and have minimal processing fees

2. Tax-deductible donations: process quickly, 8% goes to the non-profit that umbrellas us, and you can write them off on your taxes

3. Kicktarter donations: Takes up to 3 weeks after the fundraising period ends, kicktarter takes 10% of funds raised. Sometimes easier to spread the word to others through kickstarter.

To Make Direct Donations:
use paypal:

or send cash or checks to: The Sound Cave Road Show; attn: tyson ayers; 2509 Bryant St; San Francisco, CA 94110 (please make checks payable to tyson ayers with The Sound Cave in the memo line) or make a credit card or debit card using this link:

To Make Tax-Deductible Donations:
To make tax-deductible donations through our 501c(3) fiscal sponsor write checks payable to "Intersection for the Arts" (our non-profit umbrella organization) with "Million Fishes - Sound Cave" in the memo line and mail to: The Sound Cave Project; attn: tyson ayers; 2509 Bryant St; San Francisco, CA 94110

Or, make a tax-deductible credit card donation by visiting: Sound Cave Tax-Deductible Donations Page, choosing "Million Fishes Arts Collective" as who you'd like your donation to go to, submit the other information, and email so we can make sure your donation is properly credited to the Sound Cave.

To Make Kickstarter Donations:
Go to this webpage:

RAZOF P. y Giddiness - The Sound Cave Mobile Performance Stage

Completed Goals So Far:
over $13,100 raised and implemented so far - original prototype ($1200), the current Sound Cave ($8800), flatbed truck/transportation system ($1850), internal speaker system ($700), Sound Cave micing ($550), tour storage / sleeping unit / airship foundation ($1200), plus innovative tunings systems, an acclaimed performance and lecture series, raving press, and a dedicated fan and support base.

Laying in the Sound Cave

The Sound Cave Road Show currently offers communities:
- a unique experience that people continue talking about to friends, family, and strangers for months

- a beautifully fantastic, boutique performance stage making the aesthetics of your production go the extra mile, all through having one less stage to set up (a variety of set-ups offered)

- a captivating and self-sufficient environment where people love to hang out

- a whole pavilion of other interactive art installations including a set of analog musical bike paths (they create vibrations that play melodies in a bicyclist's body as one is riding over them), the Heart Beat Amplifier, the Digital Jam Lounge from Love Tech, and many others

- riotous MC's and outstanding performance groups (including Tango La Melodia, Elationists Centennial Band, The Deraileurs, Circus Finelli, and others)

- Collective Autonomy Network's interactive sustainability and social movements pavilion.

- participatory workshops, playshops, and master classes

- a 35' tall bamboo structure for aerial dancers (performers included)

- hammocks and shade structure

Our contact information:



Mailing Address:
The Sound Cave Project
attn: tyson ayers
2509 Bryant St
San Francisco, CA 94110

Copyright (C) 2010 - tyson ayers - All rights reserved.

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